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Reverend Ebenezer Aduku was born to Christian parents of Ghana; they were die-hard Methodists who helped shape his Christian identity at a very early age and actually made him who is today. 

Reverend Aduku’s education in Ghana included the following schools: 

1. Oda Secondary School 1966-1971 (This school meant alot to Rev. Aduku because it was the place where he was saved by Jesus). 

2. Wesley College, Kumasi 1972-1974 (Teacher’s Certificate) 

3. National Academy of Music at Cape Coast University 1976-1980 (Music of Education degree) 

While Rev. Aduku was in Ghana he was very active and involved in the church organizations in various church leadership roles in several capacities as Preaching Band President, Christan Fellowship President and Choirmaster Music Director. 

Before moving to the United States about 33 years ago, and living the greater part of his life in New Jersey, Rev. Aduku worked in Ghanaian immigrant churches in the Bronx and Brooklyn and founded the Ghana Emmanuel Methodist Church in Newark, New Jersey. 

In 2002 Rev. Aduku answered the call to Ordained Ministry and completed the Master of Divinity Program at Drew University in 2008. After being ordained in 2011, he served the congregations of Madison Avenue and Mount Calvary UMC 2008-2012 and John Wesley UMC - 2012 to 2021 while also helping organize the Derby Ghana UMC in Connecticut. 

Rev. Aduku cites three important lessons in ministry that are very dear to his heart. They are as follows: 

1. Recognizing prayer as the most powerful weapon for a prosperous and fruitful ministry. 

2. Making disciples for Jesus and growing with ministries. 

3. Bringing love and encouragement to everyone in the church.

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Finance Committee, Chair

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Board of Trustees, Chair

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Administrative Council, Chair

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Staff, Pastor/Parish Relations Committee, Chair

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Church Administrator

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Technology Consultant

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